14 Tips for Purchasing the Right Boat

Buying the right boat for you will ensure each time you hit the seas with family and friends that you create memorable times that last forever. These 14 tips are designed to have you focused on your needs rather than the allure of owning a new boat. Stick to this list before heading out to the boats sale and you will get the most of this thrilling outdoor pastime.

boats sale

1. Don’t focus only on a new boat. Deals of all sorts can be had when you consider going slightly used.

2. Brush up on your boating safety now by enrolling in a local safety training course so everyone on your boat is safe each trip.

3. Subscribe to a boating magazine for a wealth of information pertaining to boats and the boating lifestyle.

4. Go to a local boat show and spend the day asking questions to anyone who will lend you an ear. This is where you will find all the info you need.

5. Sleep on the purchase for a few days because this is a very costly impulse buy if you rush into it.

6. List all the expenses in addition to the boat cost, like maintenance, repairs, permits, storage, gear, licenses, insurance, and fuel.

7. Match the boat to your needs, whether it be for partying, fishing, traveling, or water skiing.

8. Spend time on a boat before you buy to get accustomed to this unique lifestyle. The more time on the water, the easier the buying decision.

9. Consider engine size before you buy, it is cheaper to upgrade now than to wish you had a bigger engine after the fact.

10. Shop around at local marinas, not every one will be the same price, and some may be exclusive to a certain type member too.

11. Consider getting a used boat. You might get a great deal on the trailer, gear, and accessories they purchased when they first got the boat.

12. Attend boating school. Damaging the hull of the boat on rocks is a costly repair, one boating class is not that expensive.

13. Think about going in on the purchase with some friends. Sharing the costs will make this an easier buying decision.

14. Go smaller the first time, if you love the lifestyle you can always upgrade to a bigger boat down the road.

These 14 tips for purchasing the right boat will put you in the perfect boat without busting the bank. The most important thing on the water is safety, so be sure to keep that in mind with your buying decision.



Happiness in America

Charleston Divorce attorneyMy dad used to say ” a preacher always preaches on his own moral problems”, and yes, that’s the same guy that nicknamed me “Sam”.  Take that for what you will, but we have all heard at one point or another 50% of marriages that initiate in the United States alone will become divorced. While this disheartening statistic is constantly getting tossed around, the real rate of divorce in this country is actually lower than 50 percent. The truth of the matter is the number has been on the decline for many years. Divorce in the U.S. has been on a steady decline for well over two decades. Divorce rates in the late 1970s may have been an anomaly, rather than trend.

About 70 percentage of marriages in all of 1990’s reached the 15th or higher anniversary.This was up about 63 percent from marriages in the 1970s or the 1980’s. People wed in the 2000’s are now getting divorced at lower rates than before. More and more people are now getting married at later ages than records have ever seen before. If the numbers of divorce continue to spiral downward, approximately 2/3 of married couples will never have to experience a divorce. The bottom line is that couples in the 2000’s are now divorcing at historical low rates. No longer it is it an accurate statement to say 50 percent of married couples get divorced.

Various factors contributing to the reduction in the divorce rates. When people get married at mature ages, they are more financially stable. Contraceptive reduces the chance for surprise babies. Although, if you tend to be less educated you can be more inclined to cohabitate. Fewer lower-income couples will tie the knot, because of the fact they are not in a position yet to support a family on low income.

When cohabitating couples make the decision to separate, which can be in the same way disruptive as breakup. More educated couples are more inclined to carefully weigh all the options before getting married, resulting in these marriages going longer. Women filing for divorce is the most common of divorces. Economic independence can make it easier for ladies to leave a married relationship. But there could be another, simpler cause, married men tend to be happier than committed women.

Divorce in the United States has grown to be more acceptable recently, it doesn’t indicate every marriage was a success in the past. People stayed married longer in the old days, out of respect or because of obligations to family heritage. The numbers can be askew when comparing to decades earlier, compare apples to apples, decade to decade to get more accurate comparable results.

Thanks to one of our sponsors: http://CharlestonAttorneyGroup.com for bringing us these useful statistics. If you live in Charleston SC (or close) and need a Charleston Divorce Attorney then darn, look them up and pursuit some new happiness!  Those guys are starving with these new divorce rates!

When Do You Need an Personal Injury Attorney Myrtle Beach SC?

Personal Injury Attorney Myrtle Beach SCMost times, the skill of an experienced professional personal injury lawyer is worth any money you must pay for them to represent you. You might need a lawyer because of complicated legal rules that are involved in your claim, or the severity of your injury might cause your wages to vary, or maybe because the insurance company will not settle the matter in good faith. The following injuries or accidents given us by a personal injury attorney Myrtle Beach SC certainly require a personal injury lawyer’s help.

Long-Term Disabling Injuries
Many accidents can result in an injury that affects your physical appearance long term or even permanently. Trying to figure out how much that pain and suffering is worth can be a difficult. You’ll require some serious assistance from a lawyer to get the most out the settlement claim. The amount compensation is determined by how severe your injury. The severity is measured by amount of medical bills, type of injury, and length of time for you to recover. As the compensation amount increases, compensation range becomes wider. It is worth the expense of hiring a lawyer handle the claim and make certain you receive adequate compensation.

Understanding Medical Malpractice
If you’ve suffered an injury due to unprofessional, incompetent, or careless treatment from a doctor, hospital, clinic, nurse, or medical provider, legal rules involved will be complex. They require you hire a lawyer experienced in malpractice cases. We can sometimes become sick because of contaminants in the air, water, in products, soil, or food. These claims based on exposure are difficult to win, requiring complex data. These industries have protected themselves from legal exposure, putting us in harms way with harmful chemicals, You need a professional attorney skilled at this level to obtain the required evidence.

Getting an Insurance Company to Pay
In many instances, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer because the insurance company refuses to make fair settlement offers. In many of these cases, what the lawyer can acquire. minus the fees, is better than nothing. A good way to find a personal injury lawyer is to ask acquaintances, other lawyers, or friends for referrals. Then you simply interview those candidates. You can then narrow down potential candidates before calling on them for a phone interview or the important face-to-face interviews. Don’t make the mistake of going to court without the right representation, in many cases you only get one chance to prove your side of the story. If you lose, it is too late to try again with an attorney. To find out more visit: http://myrtlebeachattorneygroup.com – or – to discover more about them here is a short video:

Charleston Real Estate Broker’s Tips to Relocating to a New Area

charleston-real-estateRelocating to a new area can be a challenging experience for many people, and the further the distance the bigger the challenges appear. Luckily this does not have to be as painful a process, says a Charleston Real Estate broker, if you take advantage of some simple tips that can make the move as seamless as possible. Take the time to utilize these tips before you move and you will eliminate all that added stress that comes with any size relocation.

Checking Out the Area
Rather than take a vacation this year, pack your bags and go spend some time in the area that you are relocating to. This will give you a great opportunity to see things that pictures can not show you online. Stop by some local eateries and interact with the staff, picking their brains about the good and bad things about the location. Drive through different neighborhoods at different times of the day. That beautiful gated community might be adjacent to a dog kennel with animals that bark all hours of the night. The street that looked so lovely online might be a few blocks from the worst section of town. You will get a great feel for the town when you spend time in the off hours looking around.

Interact with the Local Realtors
The realtors in that new community have their nose to the grindstone and see and hear things no one else in the community does. They know all the best places to eat, which neighborhoods have the best schools, and traffic patterns to avoid. Get to know a local realtor by interacting with them on their social media page. Pick their brain, get them to send you more details, and inquire about companies in the area that are trusted and reliable. If you haven’t found a house yet, schedule some walk throughs on your visit and get a feel for the quality of the houses in that area.

The Chamber of Commerce
The local Chamber of Commerce in the area you are moving is a storehouse of valuable information. You don;t need to run a local business to make use of the services they provide. By contacting the Chamber, you can get instant access to local businesses that are members and offer new residents discounts on many of the services they provide. These services range from mail box rentals, carpet cleaning, painting, lawn maintenance, and pet groomers, all services a potential resident will definitely need in the near future.

Greenville SC Law Firms on Getting Arrested Overseas and Dealing with International Law

Greenville SC Law FirmsMore than 2,400 Americans each year are captured abroad, and only 32% of those captures are related to a violation of international law pertaining to drugs. It shouldn’t come a big surprise, however U.S. voyagers traveling internationally are liable to that nation’s laws, which regularly vary essentially from those back in the United States. Greenville SC law firms recently told us that travelers from this country are not held to the same laws in a remote nation, and the individuals who unknowingly break a law in an outside nation may be captured, fined, detained, and even sentenced to significant jail time.

On the off chance that a U.S. native is captured abroad, they must obviously go through the legal process in that nation and in many cases there really isn’t much the U.S. government can do to offer assistance. Hiring a good attorney can provide you some of the following relief:

1. They can demand brief access to the captured person
2. They can give detailed information on the arrest
3. They can contact the captured persons family and companions
4. They can screen correctional facility conditions, and give dietary supplements
5. They can keep this country educated as to the circumstances

How does one best abstain from getting captured abroad?
Before taking your trip overseas, check the laws about the nation you are going by given by the Department of Consular Issues. Select the nation’s name and you’ll get heaps of data about security issues, protection data, and crime related issues.

Instructions to Avoid Getting Captured Abroad
Once you have studied the law about the country you plan on visiting, be sure that you follow these rules to the letter. Things that you take for granted in this country, or other countries, might be forbidden and punishable with serious jail time. Consider a few of these offenses that could get you into some serious trouble overseas. In a few places, you can not take photos of specific structures. Driving impaired can put you instantly in prison. There are significant punishments for having, utilizing, and offering unlawful medications. Disgusting dialect and some hand motions can bring about criminal charges and fines. Open liquor containers in certain areas can result in immediate arrest.

Obviously, criminal punishments will be very different from nation to nation, however what’s lawful and illicit in the United States is not pertinent in a remote nation. Your U.S. traveling visa won’t help you keep away from capture, confinement, indictment and detainment in the event that you violate the law.

How to Choose Your Lawyer from a Accident Lawyer in Columbia SC

Accident Lawyer Columbia SCThe unfortunate truth is that accidents happen, and physical injury often is the result. Regardless the situation, when things go wrong in your life, whether an accident, wrongful arrest, or vehicle accident, turning to a qualified attorney for help can make all the difference. The question that you need to ask yourself in these situations should not be “do I hire an attorney?” but alternatively, “who is the best attorney to represent my case?”  Here are some pointers received from a Accident lawyer Columbia SC:

The first thing you must know, if you are the party filing your lawsuit, the attorney will require a fee regardless what side of the case you are on. The contingency fee means that the lawyer does not get compensated until he proves your case and you are awarded the victory. That percentage of fees can vary from law firm, generally in the 33%-45% area. However, if your lawyer does not win the case for you, he will not get compensation.

You also need to pay close attention to how to hire the right lawyer to represent your case.

Step 1: Your Location
In the best case scenario, you need an attorney who lives nearby. While it isn’t a requirement, it is easier to do business with a law firm located nearby regarding court appearances and face-to-face meetings too. This communication with your lawyer is vital, and generally a better outcome will result if you meet in-person.

Step 2: Trial Experience
The most important step in determining what lawyer to hire should be their experience. The right attorney for your particular case could target medical malpractice, or possibly they are experts in personal injury car accident claims. While most injury attorneys can handle your car crash case, identify a personal injury lawyer who focuses on conditions relative to these cases.

Step 3: Other Client Reviews
If you’ve been referred your attorney by a friend who used this attorney, then you might be taking risk hiring them. However, if your situation is different or you found the injury attorney on a random website, you must hunt for client evaluations online to better make that decision. Reviews are more valuable than endorsements from other lawyers, since those will be insincere and used to encourage each other’s business. If you realize that many people enjoyed their experience with this attorney, you can feel more at ease using them.

The attorney you hire could be the deciding factor in how much you win, or if you win that case at all. Do not take this lightly, look for and compare all references.  for more information visit them at: http://ColumbiaAttorneyGroup.com

Atlanta DUI Lawyers With Some Frightening Statistics

Atlanta DUI lawyersIn an alarming statistic, every three hours there are three people killed in alcohol-related highway crashes across the United States alone. “The serious outcomes of drinking and driving are arrests, financial damage, personal injuries, and an alarming number of deaths each and every year”, stated some Atlanta DUI lawyers I had an opportunity to speak with recently. Despite awareness being raised each year by groups like MADD, the rate at which people are dying because of DUI instances is reaching epidemic proportions. An estimated four million adult citizens reported driving drunk at least one time in the year 2014, yielding about 111 million alcohol-impaired arrests. In these statistics, men accounted for 81 percent of all the DUI related cases that were reported that year. Given the rate of driving drunk, it is remarkable that fatality rates are not seriously greater. Alcohol-related highway crashes accounted for 13, 363 deaths in that time, all preventable had the public taken more precautions to stay off the road when impaired. Whether calling a taxi, getting a designated driver, or leaving the vehicle at home, all of these fatalities were avoidable if the drivers simply took the time to analyze the deadly results that could be a result of their negligence. Moreover, alcohol-related highway incidents annually cost Americans about $36 billion dollars. However, drunk driving awareness and enforcement efforts, like Zero Tolerance Laws, may be having a constructive impact in the number of fatalities that are reported each year. The portion of alcohol-related deaths decreased from 48 percent in 2013 to 42 percent the following year. In all of the fifty states, including Columbia and Puerto Rico, body alcohol concentration restrictions are in place for determining drunk drivers or driving drunk (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Amid major crimes, driving drunk has one in the highest arrest rates year over year. These statistics have the potential to be decreased significantly if those arrested the first time are put through a serious training course and understand all the implications of their actions. The sad truth, many of those arrested a first time for DUI go on to get arrested one if not several more times. Alcohol related deaths in the same year accounted for over 2,000 fatalities associated with pedestrians, 11,000 (or 39 percent) associated with vehicle occupant deaths, and 600 associated with cyclists. Even though the number was lower, the pedestrians are more vulnerable than highway vehicle occupants. In addition, drivers linked to traffic crashes that resulted in pedestrian fatalities had a lot less than two-thirds the reading of alcohol as pedestrians killed.  For more information: http://atlantaattorneygroup.com/criminal-lawyers-atlanta-dui-defense-attorneys/