14 Tips for Purchasing the Right Boat

Buying the right boat for you will ensure each time you hit the seas with family and friends that you create memorable times that last forever. These 14 tips are designed to have you focused on your needs rather than the allure of owning a new boat. Stick to this list before heading out to the boats sale and you will get the most of this thrilling outdoor pastime.

boats sale

1. Don’t focus only on a new boat. Deals of all sorts can be had when you consider going slightly used.

2. Brush up on your boating safety now by enrolling in a local safety training course so everyone on your boat is safe each trip.

3. Subscribe to a boating magazine for a wealth of information pertaining to boats and the boating lifestyle.

4. Go to a local boat show and spend the day asking questions to anyone who will lend you an ear. This is where you will find all the info you need.

5. Sleep on the purchase for a few days because this is a very costly impulse buy if you rush into it.

6. List all the expenses in addition to the boat cost, like maintenance, repairs, permits, storage, gear, licenses, insurance, and fuel.

7. Match the boat to your needs, whether it be for partying, fishing, traveling, or water skiing.

8. Spend time on a boat before you buy to get accustomed to this unique lifestyle. The more time on the water, the easier the buying decision.

9. Consider engine size before you buy, it is cheaper to upgrade now than to wish you had a bigger engine after the fact.

10. Shop around at local marinas, not every one will be the same price, and some may be exclusive to a certain type member too.

11. Consider getting a used boat. You might get a great deal on the trailer, gear, and accessories they purchased when they first got the boat.

12. Attend boating school. Damaging the hull of the boat on rocks is a costly repair, one boating class is not that expensive.

13. Think about going in on the purchase with some friends. Sharing the costs will make this an easier buying decision.

14. Go smaller the first time, if you love the lifestyle you can always upgrade to a bigger boat down the road.

These 14 tips for purchasing the right boat will put you in the perfect boat without busting the bank. The most important thing on the water is safety, so be sure to keep that in mind with your buying decision.