Happiness in America

Charleston Divorce attorneyMy dad used to say ” a preacher always preaches on his own moral problems”, and yes, that’s the same guy that nicknamed me “Sam”.  Take that for what you will, but we have all heard at one point or another 50% of marriages that initiate in the United States alone will become divorced. While this disheartening statistic is constantly getting tossed around, the real rate of divorce in this country is actually lower than 50 percent. The truth of the matter is the number has been on the decline for many years. Divorce in the U.S. has been on a steady decline for well over two decades. Divorce rates in the late 1970s may have been an anomaly, rather than trend.

About 70 percentage of marriages in all of 1990’s reached the 15th or higher anniversary.This was up about 63 percent from marriages in the 1970s or the 1980’s. People wed in the 2000’s are now getting divorced at lower rates than before. More and more people are now getting married at later ages than records have ever seen before. If the numbers of divorce continue to spiral downward, approximately 2/3 of married couples will never have to experience a divorce. The bottom line is that couples in the 2000’s are now divorcing at historical low rates. No longer it is it an accurate statement to say 50 percent of married couples get divorced.

Various factors contributing to the reduction in the divorce rates. When people get married at mature ages, they are more financially stable. Contraceptive reduces the chance for surprise babies. Although, if you tend to be less educated you can be more inclined to cohabitate. Fewer lower-income couples will tie the knot, because of the fact they are not in a position yet to support a family on low income.

When cohabitating couples make the decision to separate, which can be in the same way disruptive as breakup. More educated couples are more inclined to carefully weigh all the options before getting married, resulting in these marriages going longer. Women filing for divorce is the most common of divorces. Economic independence can make it easier for ladies to leave a married relationship. But there could be another, simpler cause, married men tend to be happier than committed women.

Divorce in the United States has grown to be more acceptable recently, it doesn’t indicate every marriage was a success in the past. People stayed married longer in the old days, out of respect or because of obligations to family heritage. The numbers can be askew when comparing to decades earlier, compare apples to apples, decade to decade to get more accurate comparable results.

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