Privacy Policy

One of these days I might get around to doing a privacy policy. But for now, I’m not taking names, comments or capturing your information in anyway.  I think perhaps the content management software I’m using may be storing some cookies and or tracking your visit and IP address.  You can stop that if you’d like and nothing will change about our website and I do not use this information in any way.

I will also tell you that I do have links to 3rd party websites. And, I don’t know what they might do to you or your information if you click on the links in the articles. But they are not getting anything from me directly.  Also, I plan at times to let them pay to be here on this site. Well “natch”, I am in the pursuit of happiness and any money I could get out of them would help me in that mission. So spread the word so I can get enough traffic to put some ads on this site!

Well, Sorta did write a privacy policy didn’t I?